As Told by Brandt

a man’s journey through addiction, grief and healing

About Brandt

It’s hard for me to share my experiences, struggles and views without providing my background. I am a child of the 70’s, an adolescent of the 80’s, early adult of the 90’s and a husband/father of the millennium. I grew up in a home of comfortable dysfunction. My “block” was my life and the other side of the city was an unwanted mystery. We left the house in the morning, returned at night and handled ALL of our problems face to face. It was a simple time.

I grew up with a mom, dad, 3 siblings, dogs and occasional German exchange students. My mother did not work in an office setting until I was a teen. My father carried a briefcase to work everyday. He returned with a briefcase and a lot of anger. I was pretty sure he was getting fired everyday but it never happened. This (#) was a pound sign. I was on the receiving end of a lot of “parenting” as a child.

Life was easy but not simple. Today, technology has made life seemingly easy, but it sure as hell isn’t simple.

This is the back story but NOT the whole story

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