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The Good Days

After a particularly hard stretch of emotion, I sat back and tried to remember the “good days.”  Those days when everything seemed to align with the plan.  The days when I felt peace.  The days without any financial insecurity, food was plentiful, my relationships flourished, my health was without concern, and my family was healthy […]

A Celebratory reflection of pain

I just figured out how to start a blog, when I cannot find a hook:  JUST WRITE, and allow everything else to flow.  Fall of 2019 seems like decades ago.  Ana was starting her junior year in high school, Jacob was staying home for the semester to continue his chemo treatments, and Naomi and I […]

Buffaloes head into the storm

Naomi and I spent the past week at a conference in Phoenix with 900+ other parents who’ve lost children.  We had the opportunity to see and talk to David Kessler, and many other experts on grief.  Elisabeth Kubler Ross coined “Five Stages of Grief.” David added a sixth phase. The two collaborated and formed a […]

My Fu%^ing name is Brandt!

Writing has long been a way for me process the thoughts flowing through the bubble atop my shoulders.  In a life, I’ve created, without much order, my writings have structure.  They allow me to slow down and decipher between perception and reality.  My diagnoses range from addiction and anxiety to morbid obesity and arthritis.  I […]

My semi-rhetorical questions yet to be answered

Blogging has allowed me certain freedoms.  It’s allowed to reach into the depths of my emotions in a productive way.  I spent my adolescent and early adult years drowning trauma, confusion, and normal childhood angst in a myriad of chemical concoctions, with no positive results.  My prose typically is a result of experiences that I […]

Commitment Fulfilled; a day in the Old City

Jacob was diagnosed with Leukemia in the Spring of 2019.  His treatment plan required an initial month in the hospital.  One of his first visitors, absent the family, was our rabbi and friend, Rob.  Unbeknownst to us, Rob had been diagnosed with cancer days before.  The three us cried, laughed, and cursed in anger over […]

On the eve

As I look toward my excursion to Israel, my head is heavy in thought.  Perhaps this is natural.  The Middle East is filled with mystery.  Many of our modern practices and laws were originated from this part of the world.  The Middle East holds the foundation of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Math principles were introduced, […]

Back-to-Back Days

Blogging back-to-back days is rare for me for many reasons (disclaimer, I wrote most of this on 7/6).  The top reason is the depletion of energy.  Writing isn’t easy.  It requires me to dig deep into my soul and reveal more than I want.  So, why do I do it?  It’s my outlet.  It’s my […]

A different 4th of July

There were some holidays that have always resonated with me more than others. Independence Day is one of them.  I have always loved fireworks.  I remember looking up and wondering what it must have felt like to the young men fighting for our new country against an unstoppable force.  Growing up in the 70’s and […]

So long, my friend

Nothing is easy with Ben.  He says the same about me.  We are both right.  In his typical way, I received a text on Friday: “I need you for 30 minutes sometime between now and Sunday.”  Knowing he doesn’t like small talk, I replied with the following: “7 am Sunday at your house.”  I pulled […]


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