Week One Recap

Last Monday my first steps to regain control of my body were taken.  Step one, move.  That’s it.  I arrived in Florida just before Thanksgiving.  Prior to my arrival, I weighed in at PT.  I was just as heavy (give or take a few pounds) as I’ve ever been.  I weighed in around 393 pounds.  My knees hurt so badly that I can barely walk more than the distance between my car and a short destination. 

I continued to be very stagnant upon my arrival here.  I went to the beach where every step seemed like I was summiting K2.  I continued to eat past the point of comfort.  The climate advantages of Florida in the winter became handicaps.  My first week here, beside going to the beach and pool, I didn’t utilize the outdoors. 

Last week, something clicked after watching an event.  I need to change my actions.  So, I am breaking my health into buckets:

  • Exercise
  • Eating
  • Sleep
  • Mental Focus

Weeks 1-4 are mostly concentrations on exercise.  The effort here is to walk every day.  Yesterday, however, I didn’t walk.  My body was an absolute wreck from a long day in the sun, the day prior.  I slept most of the day and that is enough.  My walks do not have any specific purpose as it pertains to distance or speed.  I am merely trying to move my body more today, than I did the day prior. 

Here are my takeaways/observations after one week:

  • Walking
    • My legs went through a lactic acid phase.  The muscles were tensing up badly toward the end of each walk.  That has subsided.  Water intake has helped
    • The first 2-3 walks were with the dog.  It’s still hard to control her.  Walk 5 was with her too.
    • My posture, during the walks, isn’t good.  My feet supinate badly and I find myself looking down.  It’s tough to recognize the beauty of my surroundings when I am looking down.
    • Walking is NOT fun yet but it’s manageable
  • Eating
    • I have an appointment with UH Nutrition early 2023. 
    • My eating has generally improved a little since I started walking
    • This is NOT to say that it’s good.  It’s better and I am NOT trying to purposely go on restrictions now.  I am more mindful
    • Water intake is much better
  • Sleep
    • Vastly improved.  The nights when I eat worse, I don’t sleep as well
    • My bedtimes are much earlier and I’m sleeping better
  • Mental Focus
    • This is interesting.  As the day goes on, I start feeling very good.  My legs are a “good sore” and I have that runners’ euphoria throughout the day
    • My anxiety, which typically runs high, is lessened
    • Overall, I have been happier than I was the past 3 months

This is a hard month for my family.  We are 15 days shy of two years since we lost Jacob.  He doesn’t want us “surviving” his death.  He told us as much.  He wants us thriving in this life.  Jackie recently gave me the best advice I’ve had in a long time.  I will keep that between us but it didn’t fall on deaf ears. 

Life is great.  It’s not easy but it is great.  Let’s get after week 2! 

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