so much is happening; what a couple of weeks

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I haven’t blogged much lately.  It’s not for a lack of content.  I am spread thin.  To slow down and focus, here’s what’s up:

  • Bariatric Surgery
    • I have been working through a change in my diet, medical diagnostic testing, and exercise to prepare myself for surgery.
    • I’ve realized that if I can do this, without surgery, I’d like to try.  Mutilating my gut is terrifying and life altering.  (Yes, in both ways)
    • Issues Found
      • Throughout the process, my numbers have generally been good except….
      • My CT scan recognized an issue with my left main vein.  My calcium score was extremely high in that one spot. 
        • I will be getting a stress test on 4/5 followed, likely, by a heart cath.  Good times but I am lucky.  Most people who’ve hurt their bodies as I have, aren’t this lucky.
  • Food and Exercise
    • I’ve been consistently improving both.  The one area that I’ve fallen slightly, is logging but I’m somewhat caught up.  This is so important
    • I missed 3 days of exercise as I’m in a panic over the heart.  I was assured by my cardiologist that I may continue to exercise prior to the stress test.  To say that I’ve developed a caginess of hospitals, doctors, and the “system” is accurate. 
  • Working with Taussig Cancer Center to help improve patient care
    • I have meetings over the next two weeks with the head of Taussig to discuss our experiences using CCF
    • Over the past 15 months, I’ve written multiple emails to anyone who will listen.  Dr. Abraham has been incredibly receptive
    • My goal is not to review Jacob’s file.  I want every future patient to
      • Understand the process
      • Receive complete care
      • Receive emotional and mental services
      • Much Much More
  • Jacob Butze Memorial Foundation Updates
    • We received our 501(c)(3) exemption from the IRS
    • JBMF 5K and 1 Mile Run will be held June 12
      • We are going to start and finish festivities at VAD
      • The race, while we were hoping to use Van Aken and Fernway neighborhoods, looks like it will start/finish at Thornton
      • More to come!!!!

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