Butze Enterprises; a resume in gratitude

Almost 10 years ago, my friends and family surprised me in a show of solidarity

Hiring 101:  Hire great people.  As CEO of Brandt’s Health Initiative, Subsidiary of I Owe it to Jacob Enterprises, I’ve done just that.  I am lucky and grateful.

  • President/CEO Brandt HH Butze
    • Brandt joins as an active participant in his own life with more than 48 years of self-inflictions, doubt, and fear
    • Education: School of Overthinking, self-criticism, negative thoughts, and THE Ohio State University
  • President of Guiding Light Jacob Butze and Ana Butze
    • Wisdom and Truth Leaders
    • Brandt’s Reason Why (and Naomi)
  • Director of Not Putting up with my Bullshit Ben S Stefanski
    • Years of mountaineering, compassion, and trying to be supportive
    • Education: Climbs a Bunch of Kool Shit University, Self-Discipline Tech, and University of Vermont
    • Best Quote: “Brandt, it seems like you have great support to help you with grief.  I won’t be one of them.  I’m going to focus on just your health.”
  • Director of Not Letting BB get Hurt Lori Robinson
    • Lori joins team BB after years of listening to bullshit excuses why BB cannot workout
    • Licensed Physical Therapist and registered Badass
    • Education: U of Oregon
    • Famous Quote: “I can’t do this for you.  I am committed to you Brandt, but you need to commit to you more.”
  • Director of Food Science Jackie Acho
    • Keto expert
    • Insane cook
    • Education: U of Michigan, MIT
      • She real real smart
    • Joins team Brandt after years learning and solving health issues through proper nutrition and diet
    • Queen of Empathy
  • Director of Grief Support You Know Who You Are
    • Joined Team Butze January 2021
    • Saved our family’s life.  Plain and Simple
    • Education: University of Chicago
  • VP, Putting up With BHHB Naomi F. Butze
    • Holds a license in Brandt 101, 202, 303, 404
    • Provides Tough Love when Needed
    • THE OSU and Case
      • That Social Work degree is paying off putting up with me
  • President of Sending Cards Jennifer Sullivan
    • Joins team Brandt after being a friend from afar for years
    • Education: Case, Duke
    • Sends monthly cards of inspiration, empathy, love, and hope
  • President of Love and Empathy Too Many to Count
    • I am forever grateful.  Thank you ALL

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