Brandt, updated

I think it’s important to do a quick update on what’s happening with me:

Home Life

After 7 weeks at home, I drove Ana back to Chicago this weekend.  We loved having her home.  She brings an energy to a room that is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.  The familiar sound of her two best friends filled our rooms and hearts.  Naomi and I are now back to being empty nesters with a new focus.  We bought the house and moved within a month so we could help Jacob with his maintenance.  Two+ years later, there are home projects that need our attention.  Naomi started while I was in Chicago this weekend.  We are looking forward to slowly get things under control at home as we move to a SLIGHTLY more minimalist lifestyle. 


I miss Jacob.  I miss in various ways at vastly different times.  We recently received ornaments and cards from some of his close friends.  The letters were gratitude filled.  His friend Madeline wrote, “Thank you for raising a son so filled with the love of G-D, for loving him so well, for shaping such a man that is Jake Butze.  You all, including Ana, blessed this broken world with a great one.  I count myself blessed to have known him & get to carry him in my heart.”  The depths of our grief are drowning.  My biggest challenge is to not get paralyzed in sorrow.  I often fail which is an action I’m working on changing. 


I recently started my own company.  I’d love to report $5M in net revenue in the first 3 months.  I cannot report that, but I’d like to.  I am working diligently in promoting myself and Guardian Medical Equipment.  More to come.  This has allowed me, however, the ability to also write and focus on the Jacob Butze Memorial Foundation.  We are working toward full 501C3 status.  We are getting there!


I started this forum to keep myself accountable for my health while offering hope to those who suffer loss and/or struggle.  Survival was the crux of 2021.  I did that.  I survived.  Sober.  This year is about regaining my health and wealth.  To that point, my biggest roadblocks are weight and knee pain.  I need a double knee replacement that UH and CCF will not consider with my current BMI.  This makes walking and excruciating.  After much consideration and multiple conversations with my doctors, I am leaning toward a gastric bypass surgery.  Wednesday is my surgical consult.  More to come. 


  • Limiting external bullshit is becoming a paramount goal for me.  I am trying not to follow news and limiting social media. This is being done for two MAJOR reasons
    • Limiting my anxiety
    • Increasing time to do other things
  • The St. Ed’s (and Ed’s XC team) lost a 15-year-old young man named David Palcisko who passed away in his sleep.  He, too, left behind a sister, and two parents.  My heart hurts for them.  They’ve set up a scholarship in his name.  Please consider donating to  Parents shouldn’t lose kids.  This is heartbreaking
  • Thanks to all who read my blog.  As I make an effort to encourage empathy, please do one of the following today:
    • Hold a door for someone
    • Call up an old friend
    • Smile and greet a stranger
    • Laugh out Loud

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