Big Plan: 2022

In honor of Brady’s Birthday, this Gem! Sarah, Tara, BB, Brady


  • Lose 150 lbs
  • Complete one 5K
  • Get Off All Health-Related Meds
  • Read 15 Books
  • Visit Israel and Lisbon
  • Play Guitar Again, Poorly

Nutrition/Food Plan

  • Log ALL Food, Water/Coffee in “Lose it” App
  • Food Prep Sundays regardless of how I feel
    • Make all Lunches for week
  • Food Prep Sundays for all meals that week
    • Make a meal schedule for all Dinners
  • No Cheat Meals
  • Focus on density Rich foods
    • Proteins/Veggies/Limited Fruit/Limited Whole Grains
  • Remove Dairy from Diet
  • Make a food buddy or two
  • Drink One Gallon of Water Daily

Move My Body

  • Take Initial Body Measurements/Baseline and Photos
  • Timed Workouts
    • January- 20 Min/Day
    • February-25 Min/Day
    • March 30 Min/Day
  • Step Count Ramp Up
    • Q2-7,500/Steps Daily
    • Q3-10K/Steps Daily
    • Q4-12,500/Steps Daily
  • Weight Training
    • Follow knee/Core Strength program

Social Media/Media/Television

  • Tv-Don’t Watch it At All
  • Social Media-Post Blogs
  • Cut out Facebook except when it pertains to this Blog or JBMF
  • Cutout Insta except when it pertains to JBMF
  • News: Don’t Need It
  • YouTube-Use ONLY for helping and not Socially


  • Start with Books at Home
  • Commit to 30 minutes/Daily
  • By Q2 Ramp up to 1 hour/Daily

Spiritual Conditioning

  • Take 5 Breathing Breaks Daily
    • Use Either Apple Watch or Headspace App
  • Wake Up, Pray, Meditate EVERY MORNING
  • Sound My barbaric YAWP Daily
  • Daily Affirmations every Day-I am Enough, I love Myself
  • Seek Good People Daily
    • Schedule Time to learn something every day
    • Limit Toxic people
    • Limit Toxic TALK!!!
  • Practice Gratitude Daily with Gratitude List
  • Practice Love and Empathy EVERY DAY
  • Volunteer Time
    • Work on JBMF as Big Project

Time Management

  • Make a Schedule EVERY Night/End of Workday for the following Day
  • Have Clothes Picked Out For following Day
  • Put a price tag on my time
  • Schedule Home Projects
    • Clean and Organize
    • Bigger Projects
      • Paint
      • Front Porch


  • Q1-10PM Bedtime
  • Remainder of Year- 9:30 Bedtime
  • Limit Unnecessary Naps
  • Use Sleep Apnea Machine NMW
  • Monitor Sleeping Patterns
  • Phone Goes on DND 30 Min PRIOR to Bedtime

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